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This mega-glossy line has your skin saying bye-bye to dull and blemished skin!

Written By Leah Shafron

The standards of skincare are always changing and what’s in for 2020 is luminous glowing skin that maintains a dewy finish. With the increase in diversity within the beauty and fashion industry,Korean beauty has begun to takeover, by providing high end products with pure ingredients that produce positive results.

MSK Cosmetics is one of these up and coming brands launching their first Ultra-Glossy Line that re- juvenates your skin. They are based in Seoul, South Korea and use all-natural active ingredients to bring an optimal balance to your skin.Their sleek packaging consists of a pearl white and gold design to provide a sophisticated and delicate experience for consumers. This brand has taken an inventive step by also creating their line to be 100% vegan


 MSK Cosmetics prides themselves in being a gender-neutral and ageless brand, which means women and men of all ages can use their products. They want their customers to feel refreshed by developing skin that is fully moisturized. Many moisturizers can leave a tacky feeling on the skin after application, however MSK Cosmetics Ultra Glossy Line creates a fresh feeling without that heavy residue. The founders of MSK, tested many different ingredients before using a team in Korea to refine and create the coveted Ultra Glossy Line they sell today. When interviewed they stated, “We all have tried millions of skincare products to find the most satisfying one that is highly moisturizing yet not heavy. We understand this is important, yet hard to find and we considered this when creating our Ultra Glossy Line.”

A break-down of each of the products in their line is,


Their toner which should be used after a gentle cleanser, it cleanses and refines your pores while pro- viding an ultra-glossy glow adding immediate hydration while balancing your skin


The ultra-glossy se-rum which is formulated with higher concentrations of active ingredients. You only need a few small drops to smooth onto your entire face.


The moisturizer cream which adds a barrier to maintain the intense hydration and add more of a glow finish .This should be used in your morning and night skincare  routine.


The final step, is MSK mist which refreshes with a coating hydration spray to keep skin moisturized and glossy throughout the day. This can be used again after makeup is applied or throughout the day to keep the skin refreshed!

If these steps are followed consistently your skin will be glowing, and any previous unwanted texture will be history. Say bye-bye to dark spots and imperfections, and hello to healthy and confident skin! Fresh and glowy skin that’ll make you want to go make- up free. MSK’s tagline of , “Invest in your skin”, is made true and apparent when using their products. The glowing results that help your skins barrier be- come brighter, healthier and more supple, is evident enough to invest in MSK Cosmetics. MSK Cosmetics stives to create confidence for your skin, while helping you feel naturally beautiful.

This brand values the customers satisfaction at top priority, and have become successful almost solely from customers raving and sharing their Ultra Glossy products to friends and family members. The quality of their products are shown through real results and improvements in an individual’s skin and complextion

Overall, MSK Cosmetics has created a product line that deeply penetrates your skin adding hydration and glow to ones complextion .The ultra  glossy line renews ,while erasing problem areas to help you reach your inner glowing goddess .The basis of their brands mission  is to see skincare as “an investment not an expense”. Invest in skincare, that’ll make you feel and look truly your best! MSK Cosmetics plans to launch their body and hair products in addition to their skin- care line later this year. As a fanatic beauty enthusiast, and lover of their beloved skincare, I definitely can’t wait to add their body and hair products to my current routine. To give that extra dazzle and glow, which I always crave, to not just my skin!